Friday, April 29, 2011

Young Woodpecker Update

[image from google]

Young woodpecker,
you're still
bending your beak
against that
hard metal roof.
Are you going to
take as long as
I did
to stop
choosing struggle,
and find
an easier way?

You have wings.

Lift off.

Zoom over
five more feet
to that loose-barked
old cedar,
full of rich,
succulent bugs.

Give your beak
a break.


  1. Ha ha ha, Koko. I hope the gracious woodpecker will follow your wise counsel.

  2. The last house we lived in, Sherry, we were woken early one Sunday morning by a noise. We looked up at the skylight, and there was a woodpecker, tapping away at the wooden frame. He looked at us, tapped a few more times, then flew away. We never saw him again. lol

  3. Well, it's been the story of life that lessons learned the hard way are the lessons learned well. Maybe the little woodpecker knows that.


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