Friday, April 22, 2011

Wild Woman and Sister Play Charades

For a decade, Sister has been laughing about Wild Woman's aphasia, not being able to access a particular word, or remember the name of a just-watched movie, the plot or who was in it. But as Sister approaches a Certain Age, to her chagrin, she begins experiencing the same difficulty.

Sister: "I tried to watch a movie last night. it was really good, it know that one with........
what's his name?............."

Laughter, rueful shaking of heads.


Sister: "So and so's got to have an operation on his..........ummmm, what's it called? one of those........things????"

Wild Woman, helpfully: "Testicles?"

Sister: "No!  it's a......(pointing higher up)"

Wild Woman: "Oh! Starts with an H, am thinking........ hemhorroids? No, wrong spot."

Sister: "No....ummm.......hernia!"

Wild Woman: "Hernia, that's it! I knew it started with an H."


Wild Woman: "The Bank Manager and the Poet Have Coffee! Well, at least I'm not the only one any more!"

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