Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home Safe (Whew!)

I had such a good visit with Steph, Gord and "the boys", Chase and Sanchez, (who were thrilled to have Grandma arrive with all kinds of stuffies, squeaking balls and doggy treats!) Between city driving, which I am not up to, a car that needs some work done and was grumbling, and pelting down rain that made visibility difficult, the drive home was challenging. I reminded myself, when I managed to avert hydroplaning by the skin of my teeth at one point, of this morning's poem "Protection", said a prayer to invoke some, and was determined I wouldn't turn the car off till I was in my driveway safe and sound.

It was a great visit, so nice to see Steph happy with her wonderful man, Gord, with whom  she laughs a lot. They are totally on the same page, and it does my heart good to see her happiness.  Six more weeks till Baby Bella comes home, and we can't wait. 

Chase is twelve now and showing his age. He has the same look in his eyes that Pup had towards the end - when they know they're old, and there is a parting coming up ahead. His muzzle is whiter, his step is slower and our "little man" is getting on. He is such a good boy. Steph showed me a slide show of photos she made of him, set to the music "Thank You for Loving Me" and when I watched it, I was a blubbering wreck, so recently did Pup pass away, and now Chase getting old.

Steph reminded me that all she can ask for is that they have happy and good lives while they're here, and for certain Chase has that. If I can find a way, I'll post that slide show for you fellow dog-lovers.

Steph and Gord showed me around their neighbourhood - winding trails down to the water, through the forest, and the pocket of the bay below. Their suite itself looks out on forest, with Butchart Gardens in behind. A lovely spot, some twelve minutes outside of town. You'd never know you were so near a city.

A good visit, and a grateful return home, where Jas was happy to see me. From Cathedral Grove on, I was back to a more manageable level of traffic:) This Island rocks!!


  1. Hi Sherry,

    Good to hear you had a wonderful time. :-)

  2. Thanks, Paul, fun to go, always good to get home, wherever home happens to be:)

  3. Glad to hear you're safely home, Sherry...I was worried about your drive in case you were getting the same wind and rain we had. In any case, it's lovely that you got away to visit Stephanie, and I can just imagine how excited Jas was to see you home again...:)

  4. sounds like a wonderful time :)



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