Saturday, April 30, 2011

India Rubber Soles/Souls

Our family, like every family, has had its share of difficulty. The kids and I are very resilient as a result. So much so that I suspect we have india rubber soles, (souls?), so well do we bounce back. We've had lots of practice, on this old trampoline called life.

So Steph has accepted that little Bella is no longer suffering, and has shifted her attention to Bella's sister, little Chloe.

Chloe is a sturdy little girl.

She appears to be a hoot, as well, so she'll fit in well with our family, which is all about loud peals of laughter, at all times, especially when things get tough in the trenches.

Gord, surveying his new fur baby.

Got Milk?

Steph says she is in love again. And who could resist this little face?

Three survivors of the litter of five.

So adorable, both of them :)


  1. Nothing like puppies to make one's heart sing!

  2. So glad Stephanie is taking Chloe home, a perfect match for both of them by the looks of it! Much love to them both...:)


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