Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Grandbaby!

And since it is Stephanie we are talking about, it is a grandbaby with fur! A cross between a pug and a cocker spaniel. Hmmmm....interesting. I hope it has the little squashed-up pug face, too cute. And maybe long cocker spaniel ears?

They get first pick of the female pups. Am glad they are choosing a female, this family has enough male dogs already!

As you may recall, Steph and Gord already have a black lab, Chase,  and  wild little  Sanchez, who is going to be unimpressed with adding a baby.

So next weekend Grandma heads down-Island, to take them my huge kennel, where the puppy can stay safe mornings, while Steph is at work. She is home by one, so it all should work out fine once all the housebreaking and integrating is accomplished.

Even though they are both working and have two dogs already, I am a total sap for puppies, so have to admit, I can't help being excited. I already am gathering big stuffies for the bigger dogs and some special baby  dog stuffies for the new one.............They bring her home in May - am going to have to go back down again to see her.


  1. A wonderful post, Sherry. I wonder, aren't you tempted to take a puppy of your own??????? I would be. LOL.

  2. No sight fills me with greater joy!

  3. Going to see the little ones today, not yet sure which one will be little Bella :) Will be sure to take pics but their little eyes aren't even open yet, only a week old so far...too cute and very exciting!!
    The pup will be able to come on the road with me for the most part, so no sitting at home alone all day. I am lucky with the job I have now.
    Of course will be work adjusting the other two, but there is PLENTY of love around this house to go around:)

  4. A new puppy is always cause for excitement and smiles. :-)

  5. i am so excited for you, sherry... i would love to have another one myself. :)


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