Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Move Over, Ms. Osprey!

Well, kids, I have felt myself perched precariously many times in this old life, but I don't think it has ever been quite this precarious!!!!!! This is an osprey nest, with Ms. Osprey IN it. My son Jon took the photo and said they saw many nests perched atop telephone poles like this, as they camped their way around the Okanagan this past weekend.

I am sure this says something about loss of habitat. Speaking of which, I have two parties interested in my sweet little home, and am rather feeling around with my feet, myself, right now, wondering where firm ground is going to be.

May have to ask Ms. Osprey to move over, hee hee!

(I certainly hope her babies dont try sitting on the live wires when they're learning to fly :(
Instant toast!)

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  1. Ooh...nice to have nibbles on the trailer! Will be grand when you get resettled and can begin anew..a lovely start to spring,(as well as a lot of work...sigh!)

    I do hope the osprey clan manage in their odd perch!


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