Monday, April 4, 2011

Dark and Light

[Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapman,
who can be found here:
Day 4 of the Soul Cards Journey]

Light and dark,
the two sides
of the inner voyager:
striving always
the light,
she still
moments of weakness,
of darkness
and despair,
times when she
was so much less
than she
should or could
have been.

At some point,
she lifts
this dark companion
onto her back.
It weighs her down,
yet can't be left behind.
There are messages
and teachings
she must  embody.
She must carry
the weight
of this lifetime
until the end
of the journey.

Even so,
with the
added weight
of all of the
the embarrassments,
the imperfections,
the shortcomings,
the stumbling,
the flailing,
the falling,
and the
rising again,
with all
the stopping
and the
starting out,
the wayfarer
still arrives
at this  leg
of the journey,
more or less
on time.

the long
unknown path
leading to
the anteroom
of her
final destination.

A little late,
a little
the worse for wear,
but with an indomitable
and undefeated
she continues on,
she gave it
all she had,
can't do it over,
can't do it better,
did the
best she could.


  1. And the significance of it all is in the last 4 lines. The rest? Just part of getting there.

  2. Dark and light exist side by side, Sherry, in all of us.

  3. Sherry, some of those dark places and spaces make for good stories and shared laughter, and each time they do, they lighten the load. Love what you are doing,


  4. Important words to embrace, 'did the best she could'! I still need to remind myself of that on days when the dark overshadows the light...


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