Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Baby Bella Baby Pix

What a sweet little face she has!
Sadly, Bella now has pneumonia.

With her eyes open, she is looking more aware, now.
Love her little tummy wrinkles.

Steph is a concerned cute,
holding her little paw and encouraging her to get better!

Baby needs a nap. She is on antibiotics, so
hopefully she will be feeling well soon.
Scary when babies are sick.
She isnt even a full month old yet.


  1. Cute - I've had two pugs. They are good ones. Get well Bella.

  2. Pugs are the sweetest dogs on the planet. Hope Bella is better soon - I knew one other pug named Bella, after Bella Abzug, and she lived a long, happy life, so all prayers for your baby.

  3. Oh, she's so beautiful, Sherry! No wonder Steph is worried...pneumonia is not to be taken lightly. Bella looks so comfortable with her soon-to-be mom, doesn't she? And her little wrinkles are indeed adorable!

    Get well soon, Bella...:)

  4. so precious...I wish sweet Bella good health after these antibiotics do their work. Such a little cuddly darling!

  5. I love her squishy wrinkles; she is so sweet! I hope she gets better, soon! Poor baby, I'm sure her new Mama will take good care of her~

  6. What a cutie. I love pugs. Hope the pneumonia goes away...what a worry!


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