Friday, April 15, 2011

Divided Spirit

Day 15 of the Soul Card Journey with
Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music
Soul Cards created by Deborah Koff Chapin

On her journey,
had to
heal the wound
that divided
her spirit.

Loving people,
yet she had
been harmed
by people.
She put up
around her heart.
She lived
like a hermit
in a cave
for years,
trying to
stay safe.
Her spirit froze,
perched on the edge
of life,
and afraid
to leap.

Good people
approached her
on the pathway.
They watered
her soul
with kindness,
tended her gently,
raveled together
the torn seams
of her heart,
stitched them up,
helped her
to heal.

resumed her journey
with a light and joyous heart,
with hope,
with a song to sing
tucked in her
back pocket.
She stepped
on the earth
and then,
near sundown,
began to dance.


  1. I loved the way she stitched her heart! We have to mend it and keep it open, no walls so thick no one can get in. It's not about how much you are loved, but how much you loved. And you can tell yourself, at least you met the world with an open loving heart!xoxoxoxo

  2. Sherry, kind people can mend a broken heart. Lovely words.


  3. I love the long journey summed up in this poem...from fractured child to the woman who's able to dance with joy in spite of life's difficulties...:)


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