Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traveler Holds the Moon

Day 29 of the Soul Card Journey
with Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music
Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin
wants to
hold life to her
like a huge
buttery yellow
She wants to
sip summer
out of a periwinkle blue cup
and listen to frogs
every evening
beside the pond
in a place
where winter
never comes.
Traveler wants
to roll downhill
with six tumbling
golden puppies,
to watch babies smile,
and old couples
hold hands.
She wants
to watch
the sun go down
beside the sea
for six thousand more
spectacular sunsets,
and wake to watch
the  sun peep
up over the hill
six thousand and one more
 hopeful mornings.

The older
she gets,
the farther she walks,
the more she wants
to hold close
all that is
and silently
slipping away.

The haunting voices
of the Old Ones
call to her
from strange and
dripping branches
playing timpani
on the canopy,
the ancient trees
to her
like a
last weary sigh.


  1. I loved the image of tumbling downhill with six golden puppies, Sherry. So many of the stanzas coud stand alone as poems... One of my favorites begins with the words 'The older one gets.' Definitely complete in itself!

  2. All that slips away. In the morning to be yearned for. Nice write.

  3. Such vivid and wonderful images! I could just eat up the moon!

  4. I agree with the Tired Monk that truly you are on a journey. Loved the line 'playing timpani on the canopy'.

  5. some wag said it best: ve grow too schoon oldt, und too late schmart!

    on your path, dinna forget to skip and jig, often....

  6. These two are favourites of mine. I love them, Sherry.


  7. Sherry, visiting this poem a second time. I can see why this would be one of your favorites of the month. I want to sip summer and listen to frogs serenade too. Your words are beautiful.

  8. This is such a happy poem until nearly the end, and then you make a painful switch towards reality and now. Beautifully done.

  9. *Gasp*
    This is one of the most beautiful thing I've read from your pen, Sherry, among so many treasures. Those opening images are just stunning to the mind's eye: buttery yellow moon and the periwinkle cup.

  10. The use of colours to make the imagery so vivid compliments the contemplation and pining beautiful. I agree with kerry, that opening image is just stunning!

  11. ...And reading it again this cold. cold morning, I felt a flower bloom inside me.


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