Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Traveler By the Sea

Day 20 of the Soul Card Journey with
Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music
Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin

comes from
the sea.
Even when
she is
away from it,
its siren song
calls to her,
her heart,
ebbing and flowing
like her
It replenishes
her spirit,
her stores of peace,
the sursurration
of the tide
washing through her,
through her ears,
her brain, her being,
until she is as calm
as the lull
between waves,
as strong and silent
as the smooth stones
scattered along
the ocean's shore,
as patient as
the sand dollar
that spins its house
from the sand and grit
around it and
carries it within.
On shore,
there be
the fire
of life.
It burns
and it beckons.
She must
to its danger,
for fire
is her
and no one
can escape
its painful

And then
there is earth,
its beauty
a banquet
to which
she is an
invited guest.
There is
the vastness
of the air,
the crooning song
of the west wind,
wooing her
wild spirit,
always calling her
from wherever
she puts down
In these
four elements,
the sum of
her being,
anchors it
and gives it

Watch her.
She is
out of the sea
now, she
is rising.

There is
a light
her on the
path ahead,
and she is
trusting it
to guide
her way.

She gazes
one more time
at the sea,
then turns away.
She loves it,
but she must
leave it,
for she is
always traveling,
and travelers
can't stand


  1. I think this is autobiographical for you Sherry and so beautifully said...on another note...someone left a dog in front of our house that looks so much like the dog you lost...female half shepard half lab....she is so sweet...I had her spayed ...and looking for a home for her...your photo of Pup reminds me of her....blessings Sherry...bkm

  2. There's no question this is a poem from your heart, Sherry...every line a reflection of who you are and where you've been. Loved it...:)

  3. This soul card journey is turning out to be exactly that: a voyage through life in its multiple facets. You bring it out so well, fellow poe-blogger. Wait, what was that word you used? sursurration? Never read it anywhere else until now.

  4. This traveler is a true gypsy, no feet of clay, a real mover, like a song, a chant or a dance. Very nice!

  5. The word sursurration first came to me as I was walking by the sea and I used it in my writing then, years ago. Since then I have heard it a few times, in the way of the hundredth monkey syndrome, when something appears to have reached the level of a wider human consciousness.

    Thank you for your kind comments, my friends.


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