Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Daily News

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For Poets United's Thursday Think Tank : Headlines

Disclaimer: Incredibly depressing

Another earthquake hits Japan today, which is
still reeling from the events of one month ago.

Radiation levels are on the rise. Workers are evacuated from the nuclear plant, where they were frantically trying to prevent a meltdown.

The Battle for Libya Rages On. Air targets hit unintended targets. "Collateral damage".

Turning to your local news:

The two teenagers who raped, brutalised and murdered a young local girl are diagnosed sociopaths, and were filmed joking about the murder, no remorse.

The man who, three years ago, murdered his three children during a psychotic break, and who is reported as still having "major anger issues", is granted day parole, so he can go to Starbucks.

The man who beat a puppy to death in a Victoria motel room
is given a six month sentence.

And finally, for your entertainment pleasure:

The Royal Wedding will be shown on giant screens, so the world's poor can see how far from their reality the world's rich live.


  1. Thanks for this disclaimer atop; this really was incredible depressing, although it still needs to be heard

  2. Well said, Sherry! In our own little corner of the world, I shake my head that teens torture girls for thrills, that brutalizing animals is a minor crime, and that child-killers get to go for out for lattes upon request! Evil is not some force on the other side of the world, it is in our own communities and the lack of accountability for these actions fills me with horror.

    I too, find it shocking to watch newscasters relating the solemn news of fresh catastrophes, only to plaster wide smiles on their faces seconds later and brighten our day with trivia about the Great Royal Event...??!!??

    I am mystified beyond belief....

  3. Sherry,
    You have captured the world attitude and appetite for disasters. The news report must be brief, interspersed with adverts and always end with a 'throw away, happy story'.
    Very sad how conditioned the world has really become to human suffering.
    Well demonstrated Sherry.
    Best Regards, Eileen

  4. The line is thin / to breathe or not to breathe / the dark / the light / we look / we look back / we look forward / we must - jrg2011

    I guess we have to endure the storm to embrace the calm.

  5. Sobering Sherry. I wish I knew how to handle all the negative things in the world. Right now my ploy is to stop some of the reports from reaching my oversaturated mind and fill it with good when I can.

  6. The world is full of depressing news...and the news seems to highlight is all...I have no use for angry or mean people...I have not use of unkind acts or lack of compassion...but I am not the whole world so I do my best to keep my area safe, kind and I know you do Sherry...and pray that it widens its boundries a bit further throughout the world....your kindness has been so appreciated over the past your visits and words...I am trying to make some return visits as time permits and life settles a bit...thank you...bkm


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