Friday, April 29, 2011

Water From the Well

Kids, this has been the most amazing journey. I hopped on board Elizabeth Crawford"s Soul Card journey this month without thinking much about it. Little did I know, it was right on time. Each morning, I have awakened excited to see what card was posted for that day. Each morning, I took one look, began typing and the words came like I was taking dictation - they came from Somewhere Else. Also from deep within, where they have been lurking for a long, lonely time. Today has been a remarkable day, of signs and affirmations, and the importance of seemingly chance connections that are not chance at all, but meant. I am in awe, here, folks. And still traveling.

Not sure what mischief I'll get into in May. But April has been all about the magic!

Day 30 of the Soul Card journey
with Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music
Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin

walks through the woods
carrying water
from the well,
with which to
give drink and sustenance
to other wayfarers.

She has a kind smile.
She gathers everyone in.
She loves people.

Then she retreats
to her cave
for replenishment,
where solitude
and silence
are her best friends.

needs trees and water,
in whatever
in order to live.
She can crowd herself into
the tiniest treehouse,
the better to savor
the singing etudes
of the forest
and the larking, joyous
of the river's song.

is now coming
to the end of
this journey.
Another pathway
as the morrow dawns.
She is
all filled with
at the passage
she has made.
She knows now
that she is not alone,
that Beings
are guiding
her every step
from the Great Beyond.

This image really speaks to me, kids. I have always been a Blue Sky Woman, and the white dove of peace has flown alongside me for many decades. I hope this comes through in my words, to add something positive to this old world that needs hope and peace so badly.

Back in the early seventies, I discovered I am an ocean person. I saw Jonathan Livingston Seagull and that started me on my journey of discovery, to personal freedom, and to striving towards a higher level of awareness. This image is perfect for the last one of the series, for it encompasses everything that identifies my personal journey.

Thank you to all of you who have accompanied me on this amazing Soul Card journey. I will have to think fast. May begins on Sunday!!!! 


  1. What a pure pleasure to follow you along on this journey! Everything has been perfect.

  2. the ocean... both nurturing and destructive, life-giving and life-taking... like the gods/goddesses of old

  3. I agree with you Koko. It has certainly been a journey for you-- and us. As you took us to the sojourn every day in your amazing words, we were also the Traveller. We shared the discovery, the pain, the uncertainty. When the Traveller triumphed, we also did so. Now the journey is over, which raised ground do we stand on and shout out of mixed joy (for the triumph) and sadness( for the end of all this). In this, I have grown too.

  4. Ahh my friend, thank you for coming along. I think we make good music together. Counterpoint harmony, which I have done with my sister, daughters, but no one else until now. Thank you,


  5. I am sure you will find a new pathway, Sherry, as you have in the past. One journey ends, another begins!

  6. An incredible journey, Sherry. And now a new one begins.


  7. What wondefully descriptive words and your journey, I'm sure, has been one filled with a vast array of experiences and so good that you are sharing them with so many. I look forward to reading more.

  8. It has been wonderful to walk alongside Traveler on this journey, a sharing of the joys and sorrows life serves us intertwined. The soul cards may be done, but Traveler has a long way to go yet and I know she'll invite us along with her again...

  9. I really enjoyed the journey; I look forward to more profound posts~
    This is an amazing card; I can see why it speaks to your soul. I am an ocean person, too~xXx I will go back and see what I missed. Happy you n' Elizabeth did this!


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