Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Sleeper, Before She Wakes

This is Day Three of the Soul Journey I am making with Elizabeth Crawford at Soul's Music, based on Soul Cards created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, of the Center for Touch Drawing at

The image that sparked this poem is of a woman, at the foot of a bare-branched tree. She is sleeping, and a gentle creature, perhaps an antelope, stands over her, as if in protection. On the top left branch of the tree, an amorphous cloud-like face seems to be suggested. When I looked at it, these words sprang immediately to mind.

There is a face
peering 'neath
tree branches
at the Sleeper,
who is being
tenderly guarded
by her companion,
a creature
of the wild.

The wind murmurs
a lullaby,
low and keening.
The last leaf rustles,
and gently falls.

It is a journey.
It is all a journey.

Rest softly,
the better to
walk on
when morning comes.


  1. Incredible Sherry. Love what you have done with the image. And thanks so much for taking this Soul Journey with me. We wild things must stick together, lol.


  2. I am loving this journey. Messages are pouring in on every side.

  3. "The wind murmurs
    a lullaby,
    low and keening.
    The last leaf rustles,
    and gently falls."
    Lovely writing, Sherry.


  4. A lovely and soothing reminder that it is the journey that matters, that must be honoured and acknowledged no matter where it takes us. It is the journey that makes us who we are...

  5. If it is all a journey, then the journey continues even in sleep, does it not? :)

    Whirling with Robert Bly

  6. Lovely poem... your imagination stirs my soul and then sparks into inspiration. I love when you write on this level and I love what you see when you glance into an image such as this... your words feed my spirit so I too can fly...

  7. I love that the sleeper is being guarded by a creature of the wild. And yes, after rest, it is easier to continue on the next day.

  8. Tender write--it must have touched you--it certainly has me

  9. Sherry,

    Such a serene and peacful piece of writing, which suits the image very well. A lady who is wise to have the energy for the rest of her journey, but being cared for, while she slumbers...A prayer Sherry:)

    Sunday Greetings,

  10. Very touching take on the picture. I loved "it's ALL a journey."

  11. The line about all being a journey really transforms the piece. Wind and falling leaves and sleeping are given a new dimension with that perspective.

  12. that's a beautiful message, sherry. i have a whole set of soul cards and they also helped me understand myself better. in every journey, one must always take time to rest. things always get better in the morning. ;)

  13. and the journey is all...

    a lovely interpretation of the image, Sherry!

  14. I like it, isn't it great when the words come so easily?


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