Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Flowering of Hearts

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Kids, between the devastating disaster in Japan, flooding through the prairies in Canada, and now the tornadoes in the southern States,  it seems like every week we are hearing about new natural disasters. Earth is trying to tell us something about global warming, while the Fat Cats try to deny it is even happening, in order to go on stuffing their pockets with the profits from our global devastation. It occurred to me to post this poem from the past, written in the time of El Nino. Same message, different day.

From El Nino to La Nina,
with floods, tornadoes,
wind and weirder weather,
Mother Earth has been
indicating to us
her grave displeasure.

Our hearts beat
in sympathy
with her,
share her dis-ease.

We seem to know that
we have lost our way,
but how do we
find the words to say,
the prayers to pray,
that will
unseat a dynasty
of such greed
and hungry power?

the collective consciousness
to a more peaceful paradigm:
there is still time
to join together
all our human hearts
- the only place where
peace can truly flower.


  1. Sherry, all of the recent tragic events make me so sad. Such devastation nature has produced. Such awful recent tornadoes in the South make my heart bleed

  2. Sherry, this poem says it all... It makes one wonder, what can we fix?! We can stop, but is the damage beyond repair. The earth is shifting, plates moving...Your poem so fits these troubled times we live in~xXx

  3. fat cats could care less, they are shielded from the real world by the gazillions of dollars they've embezzled over the years, money they could not spend if they lived another thousand years... while the poor they stole from die the most horrible of deaths GRRRRRRRRRR


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