Friday, April 15, 2011

Mayan Women

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The Mayan women 
came to Tofino
to speak to
the environmental community.
They showed slides
of how they carefully
planted small trees
at home,
to try to reclaim the land
from desertification.

Their methods were simple,
dig a hole,
put in the tiny sapling,
then water.
In the photos,
the dry cracked earth
loomed on every side.
In the photo,
the women and children
without spilling
a precious drop,
carried small tin cans
of  water,
pouring a trickle
over the tiny roots,
watching it take hold and
begin to grow.

They showed a photo
of their
village's proudest structure:
a public latrine,
which they had painted
and decorated with potted flowers.

When they drove here,
they were amazed at
the presence
and lavishness 
of water:
the ocean,
the huge numerous lakes,
waterfalls and rushing rivers
alongside the road.
Water everywhere,
as well as in every home
at the touch of a tap.

They stayed among us,
in our homes.
Some of our homes
were humble,
but some were lavish,
and crammed
with expensive belongings.
So much space for
only one or two people,
so much Stuff.

It was a child who had
the presence of mind
to ask them:
"Do you want to ask
us anything?"
The women conferred.
Then one asked,
for all:
"Why do North Americans
complain so much?"
and we were
silenced, shamed.

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  1. Beautiful take.. our desires can never be satiated.. it is only when we look at the less fortunate.. that perhaps we can be a lil more thankful.


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