Monday, April 11, 2011

Holding Up the Sky

Day 11 - Soul Card Journey with Elizabeth Crawford at Soul's Music
Soul Cards created by Deborah Koff-Chapin at

"Women hold up half the sky." Chinese proverb

Our traveler
is tired,
from holding up
the sky,
keeping it
from toppling
on her head..
It has taken
much effort
to claim
her right
to stand
on her
small portion
of the earth.
She is
tired from
her load
for such
a long time.

But she
when once
she was strong
and brave
and joyous,
when she stood
holding a tall staff
on a cliff
at the edge
of the sea,
wind and rain
her cloak
and her
long, wild hair
around her -
a time
when the horizon
was so far,
so open
so spacious,
her life had
no limits.

our traveler
a walking stick
she hobbles
on legs
that no longer
always work.

Still, each day,
she never fails
to lift her eyes
to the horizon,
for she knows
the journey
is not yet over.

There are
many miles
yet to go,
still learning
and teaching
to be done.

And always,
there is
the call of the sea
on that wild shore
of her heart's home,
living within her
like a
promised land.


  1. This is deep, Koko. It goes to existence and the diction is up to the point.

  2. Sherry, love "holding up the sky", what a wonderful journey you are making of this experience. Bless you,


  3. Beautiful imagery in this piece so full of truth, Sherry.


  4. This is an extraordinary set of poems altogether, Sherry! They have the definite feel of a book to me. These are pieces that speak of your long, hard road, and how you've travelled along it finding joy even in hardship. These are poems that have been budding in you for a lifetime...I'm absolutely loving them, especially as a friend who's shared the journey with you...

  5. I'm enjoying this journey too. It is amazing, I simply look at the image, and then write the words down as if I'm taking dictation. As, I suppose, I am!

  6. What a wonderful woman! Indeed learning (and teaching for those have been wise enough to store up knowledge) is a life-long process. I wonder what her end will be like? Definitely something special!

  7. I feel like I'm on this road, too, and I really see my mother here. Nice work!

  8. an ode to the spirit that keeps us all going against all odds.inspiring lines.

  9. The journey can be wearing, can't it, Sherry? This piece perfectly reflects the way many nurturers and caretakers feel long before their tasks are complete. Beautiful!

  10. That call to the sea resonates with me too. My ancestors on my mother's side are from Cape Breton, and my father's from Northern Ireland. Lovely piece.

  11. This traveler certainly seems to have lived life to the fullest and I am glad her journey is not over yet. We still have things to learn from her and I hope she can settle in her favorite spot near the sea.

  12. Sherry, this traveler has done a good job. She has a lot to do yet, lessons to teach, words to speak. She should be proud of all she has accomplished thus far!

  13. so you were feeling htis call to the sea for some time now....smiles...reading todays poem and this one...they are echoes...each a bit different but playing a similar song...

  14. the ending was a surprise.. that feeling.. can relate to it completely

  15. Self-affirmation is one of the most important skills to learn in life - and it is all too often hard-won.

  16. reminded me a bit of my mom who used to be such a whirlwind and now needs her stick to walk and sometimes it's tough - yet she spreads joy by holding up the sky for the people she meets - her grand kids and last but not least for me... smiles... a moving write sherry...

  17. Know what? I've never seen the cupola of the sky as a burden needing to be carried. On the contrary, it lifts me rather than me lifting it. But the fatigue and weariness is intensified by your view here. So much so, that is making me fatigued too :-)

  18. We are all ears to the speaker's pearls of wisdom and pray may all joy be with her on this
    journey of life...a heartfelt poem Sherry...

  19. First the starting point is so good.. a traveller like this would need someone to travel with.. to support and encourage.. a burden like this is quite something to carry alone.

  20. I believe there's always a brighter light out there for all of us and we should never let that inner light fade in time ~ Beautiful words Sherry ~

  21. Beautiful Sherry, may the wind be at her back supporting her, whispering encouragement as she travels on.

  22. I love this piece Sherry from swirl of cape on a seaside cliff to walking stick - " the call of the sea on that wild shore of her hearts home living within her like a promised land ". speaks to me like an incantation, a cry, a shout of victory, a plaintive sharing, a warm embrace .... Truly a gorgeous piece and the form simply enhances - stunning!

  23. Yes, life has no limits....and how important to remember what's your heart's destination...and follow it...~ Empowering to hold the 'sky' for long-long time!

  24. The journey will always call you forward even if the steps are trek onward as you have a warrior spirit that leads the way even in difficult times. I have read your words..but, more importantly I have felt is a difficult task to hold up the sky..hopefully, the sky will lead you to the sea..peace my friend..

  25. lovely imagery Sherry... I know one or two whirlwinds who never stop... :)

  26. I've been blessed to know many a strong woman in my lifetime. Women who have inspired me, supported me and shared the wisdom gained from carrying their piece of the sky and sharing their light. This is a stunning piece, Sherry.

  27. As long a you feel that call, you will never grow old.

  28. A strong resolve some women really have! The motherly instinct to survive for her brood pushes her! Brilliant thoughts Sherry!


  29. Been a while, but glad to see you return to the traveler poems. We all get tired, but as you say, we are not done and there is always much to be done,


  30. Yes, there is always learning and teaching to be done. Quite the journey she has lived...and has yet to live!

  31. What a journey this life is. I can't even conceptualize the greatness of the possibilities, but if you keep looking up at the horizon I think that you will soak it up for it's worth.

  32. Beautifully written Sherry as always.... :)

  33. Always... always... the call of the ocean. Should I release control, a lacrimal sea would flood the journey's current valley. And so I shall not.


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