Friday, April 1, 2011

The Wild Woman as Fool

Soul Card created by Deborah Koff-Chapin
Day 1 of the Soul Card Journey
with Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music

The Wild Woman
has been a fool
her whole life.

Class clown,
prone to
highly embarrassing
of Not Knowing
How To Be,
it took so long
to discover
who she

She dated
Impossible Men.
She gave away
her money,
her heart,
her energy,
her time
to the bottomless pit
of living
and the needs
of others,
which seemed
much more
than her own.

Now she has
nothing left,
but her heart
and her soul,
her fatigue,
her life's wisdom
and her
unstoppable cackle,
at this well,
rich and soul-quenching,
she drinks

(I am joining Elizabeth Crawford at Soul's Music as we make a mythic journey of the soul with Deborah Koff-Chapin's Soul Card images. Today's card is The Fool, to which I can relate, as I have been a Class Clown kind of person my whole life and, for too many years, dumber than a grownup has any right to be.)


  1. why do I get a feeling that I know this wild woman so well?!

  2. If we be honest
    we must all say
    that she is me!


  3. And thanks Sherry, for joining in on the fun. We all need a companion, at least one, on the journey. Thems the rules. I'm glad it is you,


  4. Dear Sherry but the fool is the most hopeful. Always beginning the journey. We are in the perfect place to learn, if we are empty and don't know everything. I love the clown!

  5. Sherry, it is so nice to see you joining Elizabeth, you couldn't ask for a better companion. I love the poem and the cartoon is hilarious and oh, so true.


  6. Thanks, kids. And Manikchand, I needed that pat:)


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