Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skybird's Song

Day 21 of the Soul Card Journey
with Elizabeth Crawford of Soul's Music
Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin

Traveler falters
on the path.
She is wounded.
Her wolf companion
has left her side,
and her hand
is empty
when it moves
to touch his head.

It is a blow,
a hole torn
in the
of her living.

But, soon,
she hears
a skybird's song.
It mends and weaves
the sore place
in her heart, bids her
resume her journey,
encourages her
from low branches
till she
gets up
and walks again.
She follows
that bird
the whole
day long.


  1. Very sweet and tender! I am thinking of the thorn bird, the one that pushes the thorn deep into his chest, to sing more beautifully. You are loved, watched over and no harm will come to you on your journey.

  2. Thank you, Annell. Ooooh, I love the idea of the thornbird! Yikes, poor bird! But such sacrifices are required of him, for his art!

  3. There are many things that come from grief. One of them is Art. The need to express what the thorn bird knows and is. A sign to all of us. Thank you, Sherry.


  4. A wonderful expression of your journey of grief, Sherry. So glad you're ready to hear the birds sing again...:)

  5. I love the thought of what song-birds can do to heal an aching heart.

  6. to hear the birds again is to heal... sometimes art is a healing process...

  7. Oh, I need a bird! This has particular resonance for me right now and I thank you for describing a wounded Traveller's journey so well.

  8. beautiful, Sherry ~

  9. There is pain and healing in equal measure in this poem. A small parcel of life, as we all know it.

  10. I am glad for Skybird, Sherry. Really though, it is sad (you wrote it well) that her wolf friend left her. I felt that way when my childhood dog friend, Von, died. Plus it was worse because I felt responsible for her death. I still do.


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