Monday, April 11, 2011

"God is Still Breathing"

[The mountains of Rwanda from]

The phrase "God is still breathing" was repeated to me as a saying of Unitarian Church members, by Amy at Sharp Little Pencil. This phrase captured my hope.

Over the mountains
and the killing fields
of Rwanda,
the war zones
of Ethiopia, Somalia,
and the Sudan,
God is still

Over those
lying, wasted with AIDS,
on hard ground,
with no one
to love them,
God is still

Over the workers
in the nuclear power plants
in Sendai
and Fukushima,
and the displaced
and homeless
fleeing the
tsunami zone
with only the clothes
on their backs,
God is still breathing.

Over the
warring factions
in Libya,
the international community
stepping into
the conflict,
and over the
incendiary divisiveness
and bitter enmity
of the Middle East,
God is
still breathing.

Over the corporate rich
and the completely destitute
who live on their scraps,
God is still breathing.

Over a planet
in environmental,
and emotional crisis
and distress,
God is
still breathing.

Like a father
watches over
his child,
whose conscience
is not yet
fully developed,
willing him peace,
and a heart
that thirsts for justice,
God is
still breathing,
willing us
to expand
our consciousness,
to extend our hands
and our hearts,
to learn to live together
with all of
our global
brothers and sisters,
so that
all may
and happily


  1. Sherry, this is so beautiful, if you don't mind, I want to share it at my church this week. Pls. shoot me an email, thanks. The expression is also "God is still speaking," but in truth, your concept says so MUCH more! Breath of God, breath of creation, the air, the wind. So don't think you got it wrong, OK? It's actually an improvement! Love, Amy

  2. Lovely sentiments, Sherry. God is still breathing indeed.

  3. Your poetry has such wonderful rhythm, Sherry of the Blue Skies :) God is still breathing, and Women hold up Half the Sky... what's more hopeful than that?
    p.s. Have you read/heard of the Half the Sky foundation?

  4. If you consider a decade or so, 900,000 people died because of Chernobyl. Some, quite painfully.

    Where's the hope with Fukushima and what next

  5. Sherry,
    You have indeed captured some of the most horrific incidents, which no human being should have to endure or suffer.
    Sadly it is not easy for those who are suffering to see or hear anything, such is their plight and despair.
    They must rely on the prayers and the acts of others, most specifically those who are decision makers, to start soon to do the right things in this life!
    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. Very strong. I am really impressed by poets who can truly put their faith into words.

  7. Ah, Sherry, you know how to strike to the heart, and tell us all what really matters.

  8. it feels particularly apt to read your words of hope this morning, sherry, given the news of last night. sigh. thank you.

  9. God is still breathing but, as he watches us, he must alternate between smacking himself upside the head and weeping:)

  10. powerful imagery,
    well done.

  11. Wow! Such a powerful poem and I read intently, and then read again for the answer to sink in if I found one. "God is still breathing" is very powerful words. Thank you.

  12. blessed wishes indeed.if only...
    perhaps he may also do something rather than just breathing and could use some divine intervention.
    perhaps such poems are just that.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful.
    Sherry, I enjoyed this so much.
    Powerful, beautiful words.

  14. A positive and hopeful reflection. I believe you.. though I know that more don't because of evil and destruction.

    Nice one ~

  15. Very powerful. A journey of a different sort. Well done!


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