Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Depends

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Sister says
"it's not likely
I'll get married
ever again."

Wild Woman
is always positive.
She  says
"Oh, you might,
you're still young."

Sister says, "At 56?
It's not likely"
"Still could happen,"
Wild Woman says.

Silence. Then
Wild Woman gasps,
"Oh my God,
I just flashed on
you getting married
and me being seventy!"
Horrified looks
are exchanged.
Then hoots.
"Definitely too old
to be the flower girl."

"What would I even wear?"
Sister wonders.


We are both horrified.
We sip our wine
two women
who took
too long a time
to figure it
all out.


  1. Love this one Sherry. Thanks for the shared laughter. I can hear it clearly,


  2. I LOVE this, Sherry!! Can just hear the two of you cackling away over the flower girl comment, and I choked on my tea when I got to the The Depends...LOL!


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