Thursday, March 17, 2011


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that the
human heroes
at the reactor site
in Japan
can control
and cool
the nuclear reactors,
the world can
thus step back
from the brink
of even more

that those living
in Japan
will go on living.

that the radiation
will not spread.

and help
is all
we have
to offer,
in such times
as these,
the future
is suddenly
a question mark,
and the ground
on which we stand
has shifted.

I pray
for this planet
that I love,
and all its people.
I try to
hold onto
 hope that
the worst case
 at least this time,
can be

["God willing" in Japanese]

posted for Poets United Thursday Think Tank: hope


  1. To say you hit the nail on the head, would be doing this poem an injustice. You ACED this....loved it from top, to bottom. such times as Sherry. Check out my post on the prompt if you can. I also did something for Japan.

  2. Sherry,
    I share the sentiments of your poem.
    A dreadful time for Japan and a dreadful worry for the entire world.
    My husband has been in Seattle all week and that made my concerns even worse.
    Hope all will be well Sherry,
    Thank you for all your good words.
    Happy St Patrick's Day as well!.
    Best Regards, Eileen

  3. Sherry, I am with you on this 100%.
    Excellent words for a tragic time.


  4. Hope everything will be under control soon..and hope Japan will overcome this tragedy with the help of fellow brothers of other countries and come back to normal soon....We sure have to pray for the safety of our dear mother earth.....Wonderful poem Sherry.

  5. I hope, too! It is sad n' frustrating to see, so much to overcome! We do have to pray for our World, it is changing! Great Job Sherry! The expression of truth~

  6. I hope and I pray, too. The earthquake and all it brought about it too horrendous to comprehend still.

  7. Sherry your poem states very firmly and steadily that our hope and our prayer will help us survive, love and live.

  8. A lovely prayer of hope, Sherry! The ground under our world has definitely shifted...let's hope our combined love and energy can put us back on an even keel...

  9. Sentiments we all share I think. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in!

  10. Hope all people in Japan are safe now. Beautiful words.

  11. So true - amen from the Tired Monk.

  12. "hope and help is all we have to offer" true have a beautiful heart and it always glows through your words....i am praing with you...:-)

  13. Wonderful words of "hope." Thank you Sherry

  14. Passion-filled, as sincere as the morning sun, inspired by the common web of humanity...lovely. That is the vintage Sherry Blue Sky!

  15. Lovely Sherry--my thoughts are with yours for the people of Japan--and all in the earthquake zones of the future as well.

  16. Heartfelt, poignant poem of the wish of hope for such devastation, loss and future threat. I think about the people living in shelters, lost homes, lost lives, lost loved ones. It is has to be what hell is.

  17. Hope is so important, and so hard when you've been slammed upside the head by the cosmic 2x4 like those poor people in Japan. (And there are those faces...)


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