Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sky Full of Rainbows

Hi Kids!
I was driving home from town today, when I saw, arcing across the sky, low down, lower than the surrounding hills, a rainbow, that spread from one side of town to the other, barely topping the trees. Had I tried, I am sure I could have found the pot of gold at one of its ends. But I left it there for someone who might need it more, and came home.

 It reminded me of this poem, though, from another hard winter some years ago, when I was walking my wolf-dog, worrying about things, and looked up to see many rainbows, all at once, all over the sky. A rainbow always seems to me to be a sign, that All Will Be Well, and I always say that to myself, every time I  see one: All Will Be Exceedingly Well! Here's the poem, from a few years back, the winter of 2006:

When you are hanging onto   
the very last edge
of the edge
of the skinniest branch
and you feel your grasp slipping,
look up!

There's a sky full of rainbows,
row upon row of them,
shining up there,
to tell you that
all will be well
all will be well
all will be exceedingly well.
God's in His heaven
in the so clear air,
and all will be
exceedingly well.

When the grayest of rain clouds
has just dumped its deluge
upon you,
and you are mopping your eyes
and wringing out your hair,
look quickly!
You just might glimpse
the shine of angel wings
hovering there,
at the very edge of
your peripheral vision,
to encourage you and I
that, on the other side
of this trauma
or sadness or challenge,
the radiant dawn
of a brand new day
lies somewhere
just waiting
to break across your
morning sky.

When you have reached
the very limit
of what you feel you can
or should
when the stress has
weighed you down so far,
you're not sure exactly
how you will
pull through,
go out to where the water
the mountain.
See the waterfall
down its slopes
for you.
Watch the eagle
lift out of the mist
into the shrouded skies.
Take a deep breath
and believe,
just like the eagle,
your spirit, too,
your spirit
once more
will rise.


  1. Am wordless over this one. AWESOME.

  2. I remember this poem, Sherry! It's definitely one of my faves...a perfect example of the rainbow you carry inside you heart that always helps you stretch up to the light no matter how often circumstances try to keep you down!


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