Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here To Love

[Double Rainbow from]

for Real Toads prompt: "Even love unreturned has its rainbow" by J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

She was in a deep, end-stage coma,
lying motionless
in her extended care bed.
On the wall were photos
of her life
her wedding picture,
hopeful eyes,
self-conscious smiles,
children, grand-children,
little girls with happy eyes
looking out of the frames
from that long-gone life.

Now she was here,
in this bed, alone,
and I was sitting with her,
a hospice worker
her dying.

I wanted to give her
not just be there,
so I opened
the pages of my book
and read her
some excerpts
from a poem about life,
and love,
and the world,
and death,
a poem about

I felt the energy
in the room change,
and knew somehow
that my words
had traveled
into her heart.
My gift had been

When I walked out,
that early summer evening,
there was a rich golden
light on everything,
at that gilded time
the minutes before sunset,
when all is radiance
and, in the sky,
not one,
but TWO rainbows,
arching across
the illumined sky
like prayers,
like an answer
to the question:
why am I here?
And the answer was:
to Love.


  1. Beautiful, two souls united! The profound twists of the universe, how much beauty is out there. WE just have to be open to see it~ Really Lovely Sherry~ Congrats 100!!!

  2. Sherry, a rainbow is a symbol of promise. What a beautiful poem and story you have made. A double promise for two souls that connected at a moment of passage for both of them.


  3. Wahey! 100 followers ~ yay you :D

    This is a lovely poem, what an honour to sit with someone in that time, and beautiful to give that gift. Connection.


  4. Just a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. Delicate and deeply felt. Word painting at its best.
    It is a poem that leaves a palm print on the reader.

  6. A wonderful story, Sherry. Offering one's heart to another is the truest of gifts. What a special connection you forged at that pivotal time...a blessing for you both...

  7. Yes, such a powerful message. We are born with a huge capacity to love and the need to be loved in return, but sadly seem to forget this as we grow older. Your poem reminds us all how simple it is to show our love of humanity on a daily basis.

  8. Oh , Sherry!
    This is one of the most beautiful end-stories I've ever read. How blessed are each of the two characters in the poem, lucky to fulfill great callings and life-lessons.

  9. Yes, indeed, love is so important; and you definitely have the gift of GIVING. I hope when you need you will receive LOVE in equal measure to what you have given! I will interpret the double rainbow that way... Love goes two ways now only one.

  10. Hospice is such a wonderful gift to the patient -- and to the family -- and I see, now, to the caregiver.

  11. There is nothing better than love and this lovely poem captures that. Great writing!

  12. What a beautiful feeling of connection your verse elicits, just wonderful.

  13. beautiful make us aware of what it means to renew the covenant on earth.

  14. Ah... to be with someone as they leave this life is a difficult thing to do and yet, such a honour in a way too. Your words gave her the courage to let go and trust in the higher powers that be and, she did. Your reward was proof in the rainbows that life doesn't end with our dying.
    This was so deeply touching (to me)
    Beautiful writing and yes, we are all here to simply... love.

  15. So very moving, reflecting on the meaning of it all - not possessions or status, just love. Especially loved your lines:
    "that gilded time
    the minutes before sunset..."

  16. To comfort someone in their last minutes on earth is a great privilege.Too many die alone without those important words.

  17. Just beautiful. Wonderfully written too!

  18. Glorious! Straight, clear, direct like it's form, arrow to the heart.

  19. Beautiful, Sherry. Knowing you, I know you would bring enormous peace at the end with your words. I hope this was true and the woman in your poem was the lucky recipient.

  20. outstanding subject, outstanding capture of the importance of words, reinforcing the positive and faith.



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