Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beachward ho!

My daughter-in-law, Zenny, loves Vancouver Island, the forests and the ocean as much as I do. She and Jon had a dream of moving here for years. They finally made it a few years back. But then Jon's work took him to the Okanagan, to Penticton. Much as many people covet this location, I know, as an ocean-person, what it feels like to be landlocked in a deserty terrain, with only fresh-water lakes around. The landscape may be pretty, but feels wrong. The trees arent the right kind of trees. Ripples dont do it for wave-watchers.

So when Zenny's work slowed this winter, I enticed her here for a visit, promising her a trip to the beach, balm for both of our souls.

THIS is what has so far prevented it:

Front yard.

Back yard.

This is most unseasonal weather for the Island. In the course of one day we have sun, wind, sleet, hail and confusion.

Tonight the sun came out and there was color across the evening sky. This drives us crazy as it means at the beach, a glorious winter sunset is unfolding.


We are waiting for one day of clear roads, to make a run for it. The mountain pass is deadly in slush and snow. Zenny needs her "ocean fix" before returning to the desert. And I need one just because it has been so long since I had a good, satisfying beach walk, heard the waves, breathed the salt air.

Meanwhile, I am living like a queen. Each night she prepares some delicious thing to eat, refusing to let me wash one dish. Tonight was an incredible quinoa salad with prawns. Be still, my heart!!!!!

I told my sister Lori we have been sadly misguided, in our lives. We thought we needed husbands, when what we really needed was WIVES!!!!!!

I am so determined the weather will give us just one day at the beach, soon. Then I will have to relinquish her to Jon, and begin hunting and foraging again.


  1. Enjoying your writing, Sherry. Interesting...I have a sister named Lori, and Diane has a son who lives in Pentictin.

  2. You are clearly having a delightful time with Zenny...she does sound like a treasure! I laughed out loud at your wives-versus-husbands comment..I think you have a valid point, indeed....:)

  3. LOL, yes, there is some truth there! Zenny
    sounds like fun! I so understand the connection to go to the beach. I remember the first time I moved away and couldn't see it. I seriously couldn't breath. We were near Orlando, FL. Next we moved to Pensacola, FL where the pine meets the sea and I was happier. It stirs one's soul to be away too long~ I sure hope you and Zenny get to go! xXx

  4. Sometime the things we plan never come to pass. It is the creative thing. We have an idea, but never know where it will take us. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  5. Sherry,
    The weather world is on its ear. A month ago, we in Tucson had a freeze that plummeted deeper and lasted longer than any ever recorded. This weekend forecast? Near 80f. Crazy!


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