Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mayan Calendar

[image of the Mayan Pyramid from]

Good news, kids! All is not lost. My friend Matthew,  a spiritual seeker and dear friend of mine since coffeehouse days in the 80's called to chat this morning. He told me about Carl Calleman, a world expert on the interpretation of the Mayan calendar, and of what Calleman calls the Dawn of the Unity Wave.

Matthew told me that  yesterday, March 9th, began a most significant time, activating the 9th wave, ushering in unity consciousness, where everyone will become one. This wave will provide energies conducive to humans co-creating unity consciousness.

Matthew explained, "Unity consciousness is described as oneness with self and nature, self and rock, self and other humans, to a degree where it would be impossible to hurt oneself, others or nature - the self being one with everything else. Every single thing will be seen as an essential building block of the creator, and all will be love and oneness."

This was hopeful news, so I went to the internet and found an explanation by Mr. Calleman ( saying "This may be our last chance to live up to being co-creators with the cosmic plan." (I'm glad we still have a chance!)

This wave apparently begins a series of waves which will culminate in an acceleration of energy by October 28, 2011, when the energies of the nine waves will manifest fully. "Everything starts with an intention," Calleman says, " and if the intention is aligned with the purpose of the cosmic plan, the energies will increasingly bear fruit. Be there, wherever you are in the cosmos, for this final countdown. This wave propels a process designed to lead humans to their highest state of consciousness."

So it looks like, if we get it right and enough of us join in unity consciousness, it won't be the end of the world, but potentially the beginning of a world of peace and harmony.

Calleman mentions the large numbers of fish, birds and animals that have been dying as being possibly due to the acceleration of energies, as well as "the extreme degree humans have now pushed the ecology of the planet off balance." He says the 9th wave of unity calls for a complete shift in our way of being. And that we need to shift from asking for things for ourselves, instead asking how we can serve the divine plan.

He says, "Consciousness is fundamentally a relationship to the Tree of Life. Shifts in consciousness are what drive human history and all of evolution forward. As we climb the cosmic pyramid, consciousness will evolve to higher and higher forms of manifestation."

This all makes sounds very good to me. I, for one, will try to attune myself to these frequencies.  This  also gives me hope that we havent totally blown it. Yet.


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  2. Good to know!As silly as it sounds I have a feeling that all the trouble in the Arab world has something to do with this; people becoming conscious of united effort required to end unjust rule.


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