Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dogs R Us

It's a gong show around here on any given day, kids. Here are some of the dogs in our lives, just because I know you need a smile. This little guy is my sister's pup, Blakey. He is a little bad-ass, the one most likely to take up the torch where Pup left it, in unruly behavior:) But with a mug on him cute enough to break your heart, so he makes us laugh and gets away with it, just like the Big Guy did.

My sister's golden, Lukey, who is Jasmine's litter-mate. This guy is a Buddha-dog, with the sweetest nature in the world. Lukey is all about the love. He has hip dysplasia, sadly, and his muzzle is starting to look rather grizzled, though the goldens are only five and a half. (How did those years go by so fast?)

Here's my girl, Jasmine. She is still leading a very boring and restricted life, since her surgery in November. She is still unable to play with the other dogs, confined to short walks on-leash, and on a killer diet where the best part of her day is eating a carrot. My mom always said "you have to suffer to be beautiful." If that is true, both Jas and I should be raving beauties but, alas, we are not :)  Badly in need of a trim,and overweight, she looks like a wooly mammoth, and I.........well, someone used the "E" word - elderly - about me the other day, which dented an already fragile psyche. Hee hee. (Inside, I doubt I will ever feel elderly!)

This is my sister's spooky, nervous Australian breed, Noey or, as we often call her, in exasperated tones exACTly like those used to Cinderella by the ugly stepsisters: "No-ELL-a!!!!!!!"  My sister likes her dogs shaved. Noey has a luxuriant and beautiful coat, when her hair is long.

This dogjam is what happens when they are all well and able to play together. Blakey, a neutered male, apparently wasnt given that information. Jas and Luke are obsessed with the Kong,  galloping after it like maniacs, neither willing to let it go. Sigh. Fun days. I can't wait till Jas can play again. With the slow progress she is making, though, I'm afraid she may stay rather lame.

This is Little Man Chase, my daughter Stephanie's boy, and my granddog. He is a sweetheart, such a good little man, who is slowing down due to his arthritis. Steph is starting to feel the anticipatory warning I felt in the years before Pup died, knowing an inevitable heartbreak is heading her way. But I am hoping Chase lives as long as Pup did, and that we have years more ahead with him.

This is my other granddog, Sanchez, a wild little Tasmanian devil, who keeps things interesting, in case all the other dogs weren't handful enough :) But we love him!

You can imagine when we all get together - it is Dogs R Us for certain, on Plested Road!
We are lucky to have these loving, joyous  creatures in our lives. Daily laughs, daily happiness.
Free love!  (Well, except for the vet bills, which are through the roof!)


  1. They are all just beautiful in their unique ways. I just love dogs, must have been one in another life.

    I sure know what you mean about the vet bills. But considering the joy they give, we pay gladly.

  2. Oh...I love them all, Sherry! I would be in heaven to have that many dogs around at one time...that's my kind of craziness! Vet bills notwithstanding, my canine friends have been among the greatest joys in my life, and I know you feel the same.

    Give Pup's urn a little rub for me, and tell Jas I do hope she'll feel better when the warm weather finally gets here...:)

  3. Chase is so cute! And Jas always looks so sweet and happy. I feel bad for her having to be on a diet, though I understand why.

    What's with your sister shaving the dogs?

  4. dogs with haircuts are: easier to get the mud off of, easier to dry off when soaking wet, and in fact, my dogs are happier with all that hair off! especially in the summertime. and, Goldens tend to matt, which hurts their skin! and, I think they look cute with their haircuts! but mostly it is just practical approach to keeping them looked after well.


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