Tuesday, March 29, 2011


the anchorman
on the evening news
said that
are now official
words in the

I think
some future student
of the English language
will one day be
as bemused
by that
as we are,
trying to


  1. Were you watching John Stewart, perchance? He ran that during his piece concerning the fact that NBC (owned by G.E.) aired that story rather than report that GE not only paid NO corp. taxes last year, they also received $2 billion in tax breaks. It was funny but angering, too!

    Nice work, great commentary. We need to keep speaking out about this! Amy

  2. No, didnt watch it. Corporate tax breaks and corporations paying no taxes is one of the things that simply makes my blood boil, as I am one of the billions of people on the planet scratching a sparse living with no breaks at all. At that, I am still more fortunate than most people on the planet as I do have a roof over my head. Grrrrrr!!!!!! Corporate control of the planet and its resources is the reason for most of the world's problems right now, and as profit is their bottom line, they arent about to relinquish their death grip. And it is a death grip.

  3. Amen, on both the taxes and the future language deciphering. We could talk about the financial sector too, but that would spoil my lunch--and probably dinner and breakfast as well.

  4. I know that progress and future evolving means change, but I do so love the language and the fact that it speaks to me and others. Love the flow it may create and am saddened by such chopping up of meaning. Thanks for this one Sherry,


  5. I said this would happen...Save your dictionaries, so we can prove there once was a different, profound language~


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