Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bunions and Pearls

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Wild Woman
of the
Western Sea,
send me
some wisdom.
Send me
some strength.
Send me some

How do I
turn this
hard old
crusty bunion
of a life
into a pearl?


  1. Sherry I just love that phrase "Bunions and pearls"! Your words are full of wisdom, and are beautiful pearls to me!:-)

  2. I love your description of life as an "old crusty bunion" does seem that way on occasion...LOL! No-one is better at turning bunions into pearls than you, but I'll bet you wish you hadn't had so much practice at it!

    I too feel in need of wisdom, strength and inspiration...with any luck, Wild Woman will drop some off for both of us...:)

  3. Sherry, you are a pearl and a wise one at that...and your heart I can tell is forever wild and free...that is what makes you special....bkm

  4. Very imaginative, the words stay in my head, great imagery: bunions and pearls.

  5. Polish is the answer. Life does that to us. Like wind blows sand against the stone, like water over the rocks. They become smooth, and pleasant to be with. As you are. Your blessings are abundant and overflow. Allow your heart to stay open, feel all that is here, and tell me about it.xoxoxoxoxo

  6. I love this title, Sherry. You rock!

  7. Pearls are the result of time-consuming smoothing over of rough patches...I'm sure we all get there in the end.

  8. I know a great foot surgeon over at Cedars...

  9. Indeed how do we indeed ? I like annell's comments but it does take time ~

    Nice reflections ~

  10. Maybe if she sends you some wisdom, you can share with us? :)

  11. hmm. Pearls don't happen over night! :)

  12. somehow I think you have:) Pearls of wisdom gleam from this poem. Also, I LOVE the header photo! I too, am a sky-lover. I'm trying to post a daily photo-header. So far they have been predominantly sky-shots. I just posted tonight's sunset.

  13. Looking for pearls. A unique image. A really honest look at life. Bravo!

  14. Pearls take lots of time...just like
    the Velveteen Rabbit~ Time wears the essence into magic! :D


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