Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Beautiful, Then

[for the Real Toads prompt: Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt]

From the moment
I moved there,
till the moment
I left,
every moment,
every hour,
every day,
in every weather,
everywhere I looked,
everything was beautiful,
and nothing hurt.


  1. From the moment I woke to the moment I am about to sleep I have been thinking about the package that arrived today :) all the way from sherry blue skies...
    Was savoring it today, will open and enjoy tomorrow. Have lent your book to my doctor friend... will let you know what he thinks xx

  2. Days, nights, months, years to hold close to the heart forever. I think any reader could find personal relevance in your words.

  3. Oh this was good...Sherry..what a beautiful moment indeed..wonderful as I good feel this moment through your writing...bkm

  4. Great Job, I'm haven't even started yet.
    Guess I better go pick one! You did a great job with this one~I love the in the moment feel!

  5. A place where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts... Nirvana for sure. This is really beautiful, Sherry.


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