Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The River Beneath the River

I'm listening to
the river
the river.

I'm looking at
the sky
behind the sky.

I'm dreaming of
beyond galaxy,
and all the stars
and planets
spinning by.

I'm thinking about
six billion
lonely lifetimes,
each one so small,
yet connected to
The All.

In our brief time
traveling through
earth's history,
we catch only
a fleeting glimpse
of a mystery
that enthralls.


  1. Love it Sherry, the river beneath the river, the galaxy beyond the galaxy...somehow I believe there too is a universe beyond this universe...and to
    The All is is just a has be thinking...very nice...bkm

  2. I, too believe there is more; A better beyond~ This was lovely, the hope and extension of those before us~

  3. Beautiful You've captured the concept of infinity wonderfully.

  4. Truths perfectly strung together to create another beautiful thing. Terrific one, Sherry!


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