Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Hero in Japan

This is how loyal and devoted dogs are - this fellow refused to leave the side of his injured friend. He seems to be trying to get help for him, by approaching the humans, then returning to his friend's side. So sad. If you watch till the end, you will see him pawing his friend, as if to comfort him. The injured dog then moved, thankfully, so is still alive.

A note under this youtube clip says that both dogs are now in the care of Animal Rescue, and are all right. I hope so. My heart breaks for these creatures. Humans are usually able to get help when they need it. But dogs can only endure their current reality and hope that help will come. I hope it came for these two today. There must be thousands of dead, lost or injured animals over there right now.


  1. Oh Sherry the animals and people it'd devastatingly sad. :(

  2. Thank you Sherry for highlighting the animals. So often they are forgotten. Thank God for tha animal rescuers.


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