Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thanks, Kids!

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For a couple of weeks now I have been watching my "followers" number creep up to 99, back to 96, up to 98. Today, for the first time, I welcome my 100th follower. I can't believe I have hit a hundred. When I started this blog, I had four - one friend and three family members I FORCED to click 'follow' :)

I feel pretty humble, that your eyes are reading my words: from the States, from Malaysia, from Mumbai, from South Africa, from the Phillipines, from England..............I had no idea this world of online poets was out there, and am so thankful to have stumbled upon it, through the encouragement of my dear friend, Lynette, another blogger, over at Imagination Lane and the Imaginative Traveler. (Check out her travel photos, kids, they are O.M.G. good!)

Then I was on the Blogger forum asking how to find poets, and Robb responded, saying "Why don't you try Poets United?" When I found it, with its blogroll of fantastic poets, I was like a kid at Christmas! I have made such wonderful friends at Poets United. You all broaden my world in such a good way.

I don't do awards or giveaways. But I do do "Thank you"'s. Please  believe me when I tell you I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart - for reading, for your kind and encouraging comments, for your inspiration and motivation, which I badly need in order to go on writing, and, most of all, for keeping on coming back.

I am going to have to up my game, to not lose this hundredth person, hey? I'm going to post this quickly, while you are still here :)

Thanks, kids. This world of poetry blogging has rejuvenated my life and my writing, more than you can imagine. I appreciate each and every one of you. 


  1. Dear Sherry,
    It has been an absolute pleasure to have met you through Poets United. Not just to have met your words and thoughts Sherry, but to have met you, a wonderful lady, whom I now proudly consider a friend.
    You have such a great sense of humour and social commitment, all of which are evident with the themes of your poems and writing. Of course, I must mention your love of animals, not least of which was your dear pal Pup. I still feel your loss of this loyal companion, through your writing.
    Sherry, I am pleased to be one of your followers and congratulate you on attaining your 100th. Much deserved.
    Best wishes, Sherry,

  2. Happy !00th, Sherry! You are a treasure in a very dark sea. You have brightened up my life and I am sure, that of many others.


  3. It's been great getting to know you, Sherry. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people like you online. Happy 100th.

  4. Thank you, my friends. My life is much much brighter because of you!

  5. Community is essential for Living, NICE!

  6. Congratulations, Sherry. I am honored to be counted among your 100. It is always a pleasure to come visiting.

  7. Congratulations, Sherry. I totally agree about the sense of community here online and how much it does to encourage one to write. I applaud your 100 followers (among which I am proud to be counted)and also want to say thanks to you for the support you in turn give so many others.

  8. Happy 100th, Sherry, but I think it is us who should thank you! Your wonderful writing inspires us, challenges us, and invites us to look at our world and discover how we might make it a better place.

    You brighten our days with your sense of humour and lift our hearts with hope-filled words. The blogospehere is definitely brighter for having you in it, my friend...:)


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