Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Morning News

[nuclear reactors worldwide - image from ranspa.com]

The morning news says
Radioactivity has reached
ten million times normal
at Reactor 2.
The anchorman
the area is
being deemed

Well, duh.
I never believed
the reassuring talk
about the effects
of radiation
being "negligible".

I remember

This is the most
deadly substance
humans have invented,
with a force beyond
man's power
to control
or to contain.

It's as if
a colony of ants
decided to heat
their anthill
with a blowtorch,
and then were
when they all 
got fried.

Heroic workers
labor in the toxins,
sacrificing their lives
to prevent
far worse disaster.
This is the
noblest quality
humans possess:
the giving of self
in order to
save others.

has reached
our western shores,
as could have
been expected.

There are 442 nuclear
power plants
in 30 countries,
with more
being constructed.

One more reason
that there
should be no
"us" and "them"
on Planet Earth.
We are all in
the same
planetary boat,
just trying to keep
our interconnected
and life-loving 


  1. Excellent post, Sherry. It is terrifying.
    Indian Point in New York is built on two fault-lines. What were they thinking?


  2. So true. I live with a nuclear reactor just miles down the road from my house. It's really frightening. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments as well.

  3. Beautifully written, beautifully conceived! So simple....

  4. So true, Sherry, that we are all in this together...your ant analogy was right on!

    In any case, I don't believe we're getting the true story on all of this. I usually eschew cynicism, but it becomes increasingly harder to maintain positivity...


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