Monday, March 7, 2011

Such Gentle Beauty


At three a.m.,
there you are,
with your family,
passing through
my yard.

You are
so close,
just feet
from me.
I hold
my breath.

You  turn
and look
-we exchange
calm glances-
then down
you all go,
not startled,
not rushing,
picking your way
into the
lower field
by the creek,
your hoofs
dainty progress
over the
rough terrain.

even trust
was in
your glance.

You filled my heart
with your
from the wild.
You blessed me
with your
soft glance.

May you find
grass and leaves
to fill
your winter hunger.
May no car or human
cross your path,
may no dog chase.
And may your babies
bless the springtime
and our world
with even more
of your
gentle beauty.


  1. Sherry this is a beautiful poem describing this enchanted moment of connection...truly a sacred experience.

  2. I adore moments like these, Sherry. They feel like gifts chosen just for me, and you? Precious!

  3. indeed beauty at its finest..and you give it a place in your heart and share it with us so beautifully..thank you..bkm

  4. How beautiful, Sherry. Truly a special moment.


  5. Graceful and so full of the best stuff on earth. there is nothing better than witnessing these small miracles, and you captured the moment beautifully. Great work.

  6. How wonderful, a gift to see these beautiful creatures. We had 3 in our yard, last fall. My daughter the next morning was up early. I was looking out the window, she said, it isn't time yet Mom, they won't be here til 6am. I laughed my butt off; They don't have a scheduled time to come in our yards...okay, it was a few years funny! I have something for you on my blog~ xXx

  7. Sigh. It was a lovely moment. Jas needed to go out in the night and the cool thing was, we were standing on the porch, and they were right below us, not four feet away, looking up. She made a soft growl but quieted when I told her "shhh" and so she didnt scare them. I have no idea how they managed to leap over my high fence.


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