Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Problem Fairy

[image from google:]

Argh. In the night, the Problem  Fairy, thinking I don't have enough to do balancing my checkbook, came in and changed my entire computer: desktop, font, everything is spread out too big and too wide. I now have to go into Non-Techy Hell and investigate the bowels of my computer to try to get it back the way it was.

If I don't reappear, send help!


  1. It's a simple fix. Go into your settings and find "view" or "text size" and adjust accordingly. When my desktop was on its last legs, it used to do this to me a lot.

  2. oh my, I hope all works out for you soon Sherry...I am a non-techy and so grateful to have my husband and youngest daughter to help me out...otherwise I would be stuck a lot more often!

  3. The 'Puter Sludge Monster has visited itself upon your machine. DRAT! Hope all is well soon.

    If you have Windows 7, try CTRL and the "+" key to enlarge type view as well...

    Love and hoping all rights itself. If you need a laugh, here's one. Amy

  4. i can always come help - OR better yet - bring my caleb-nerd along! phone for help!



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