Saturday, December 18, 2010

Midnight Storm

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Out in the midnight storm,
howling gusts lashing
the mighty pines.
Don't fall on me.


 Full-throated blast nipped with snow,
roaring down the silvered mountain;
Sounds of nature's fury everywhere.
Full moon.

A lull in the storm, so calm,
then blasts the north wind,
skies are indigo;
dead leaves skittering across the yard~
a groan from the mighty maple.




  1. I love this; I love the scent n' sounds and images, that I conjure up when I read this. I so, love to walk in the evening, even when it storms~

  2. Wonderful poem. Excellent imagery. Aren't storms during the night scary? You've brought it out beautifully.
    "Don't fall on me"

  3. very nice. You captured the power of a winter storm. Somehow, I imagine a winter storm at night in Canada to be really formidable.

  4. It was a bit scary - Jasmine insisted she needed to go Out so I was on the end of a leash, trees lashing overhead - but the moon was so full that, at one in the morning, I could see where I was going. Was glad to get back inside - even though the power was out.

  5. Captivating. I love storms if I am in the safety and comfort watching. I am reading a book now The Water In Between about a broken hearted man that set sail from Genoa Bay to Tahiti.

  6. Storms though scary can be enticing. The swaying trees and cold winds tend to snatch our being away from our comforts. You've brought it home excellently in your poem.

  7. or her home! eeek

    (though we always have space for you, on your old couch here! :D )

    delicious poem, delicious storms!


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