Sunday, December 5, 2010

Solitary Star

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Solitary star
is it cold up
where you are?
Through bare
and brittle 
winter branches
I can see you
sparkling clear,
shining your brightest
just before
you disappear.

The rooster is
softly crowing
in the barnyard,
a sleepy sound,
reluctant in the chill.
My wolf-dog pads,
silent and old,
beside me.
The day is coming
when he no more will.

Nine white swans
in formation
now come gliding
almost noiselessly
Noses pointed west,
they're heading towards
the water.
Nine swans,
and yet they
mate for life
it's said.

Now daybreak crests
the silver-peaked mountains,
lighting the frozen rooftops
etched in ice.
Tall cedars turn
from black and
towering giants
to green again,
their beauty
beyond price.

I breathe the essence
of this winter morning,
wood-smoke on the air
as starshine fades.
My windows
are lit up
and, warm
and waiting,
is the cozyness
of this little home
I've made.
I feel
the blessing
rich with
all life's worth,
just to have
another day
like this
on Planet Earth.


  1. That is a good one. I sit in my studio, the sun is not yet up, over Taos Mountain. I can see the lights twinkle in the village below. And I have chills, in rhythm to your words. What a way to start this day! Thanks

  2. Beautiful poem of nature and contentment.

  3. How beautiful. This made me join you in the peacefulness of the scene you describe. Enjoyed readidng it very much.

  4. Oh thank you, all. Wow, daybreak in Taos, likely a lot warmer than here. I love the vision of the twinkling lights below you. Thanks for visiting.

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  6. Wow! Sherry! I was not expecting such a complete change to your blog! I love this essence of a Winter morning and the nine swans flying by. Such a pristine image.

  7. Sublimely picturesque...a photographic panorama with words...

  8. I agree with Strummed Word: Contentment.

  9. What a beautiful poem!I love how you describe the peace and tranquility of a winter morning. Lovely!

  10. absolutely lovely.such a detailed and exquisite picture.soothes the weary heart.

  11. Vivid imagery and I love the ending.

  12. "I breathe the essence
    of this winter morning,
    wood-smoke on the air
    as starshine fades." So beautiful Sherry...I know you miss you pup very much too. I was surprised to see the changes here this morning... background gray like the skies outside my window... there is a surprising comfort to gray.

  13. the essence of the winter morning at its best, welll done

  14. I feel the blessing just reading about your home and the scenery outside. Just lovely setting. Your proetry often brings me back to basic beauty and around me and I love that about them.

  15. This is beautiful, Sherry...... I love the idea of having another day alive on this planet earth. Even if it is the coldest of days this winter!! Each day has its beauty as well as a purpose...

  16. Lovely imagery. Now I need a sweater!

  17. This is my favorite poem of yours that I have now read. I would like to hang it on a wall.

  18. Beautiful gratitude poem Sherry. It's a prayer to the Universe. May you always be so blessed.

  19. A great write Sherry. I can almost smell the wood smoke, and definitely feel the sense of calm.

  20. Such a beautiful poem... it uplifts my spirit and stirs my heart...

  21. This is beautiful, Sherry. I too share your gratitude at still being alive and enjoying what beauty this planet has to offer freely.

    May you have a wonderful 2013.

    Paul xx

  22. It's a beautiful way indeed to start the day, surrounded and appreciative of the world and what it gives. I envy the peace that seems to bring you.

  23. Lovey, so serene.

  24. Love it! And swans flying are always such a jaw dropping thing... how can a bird so big be so beautiful and elegant? They have such a flow about them - as does your poem.

  25. Sherry,

    A very homely account of your surroundings as the season slowly changes. Nature marks ther way and we follow.
    I felt as though I was almost at your door, waiting to join you for a warm mug of tea:):)

    Some snow has arrived here at my home this evening. It feels good in many ways, just to keep the season in line.
    Michael, my grandson has started walking and running this week. A bit slow to 'go alone,' but now he is off!!!
    Have a great week Sherry,

  26. Such a fabulous sense of place.
    All the components work together to make this a special poem.
    [I'm proud of you. Don't want to sound consdescending, but this is really special]
    We are not often receiving the gift of a real work of beauty coming out of our thoughts and skill.

  27. Felt like I was right there in all your wonderful descriptions. Such a lovely feel to this. Beautiful.

  28. This almost has a mythical feel to it...magic in the numbers and directions.

  29. Sherry, so lovely. Makes me want to curl up by a fire somewhere (eventhough it's only 70 here :-)
    Really enjoyed this frosty walk and ending in peace and gratitude.

  30. How beautifully you create your world for me to share, though mine is so different.

  31. This one slowed my breathing right down. Ethereal and down to earth at once.

  32. I breathe your words slowly...such a lovely day to see all the these beauty of nature ~

  33. I tell you, Sherry, your acumen with detail takes me right there. I read, and I am with you.


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