Monday, December 6, 2010

Clayoquot Sound in danger again

I am horrified to learn through our network that, even though Clayoquot Sound is a supposed Biosphere Reserve, once again a logging company is gearing up to slaughter this pristine jewel in the heart of the Sound. Flores Island  is one of the remaining few untouched old growth forested areas left.It is a global rarity.  It is also in the heart of Nuu chah nulth territory and, as such, no one has any business logging it. My heart just sinks that - all these years later - we are still fighting to save the Sound. Protection started in the 1980's, after 1993, there was some stoppage of the destruction. Yet here we are again. 

Logging companies are ruthless in their methods, they lay waste an area, leaving behind an unconscionable mess, and a lot of waste. No benefit accrues to the local area, no jobs are created, no local value-added manufacturing rises out of it. It is all just chopped, and shipped out. Sustainability and the future - or even the present - are not even in their vocabularies. Even loggers know the methods are destructive - their own jobs will be phased out when the last trees are cut - if anyone is still breathing then.

So the environmentalists and First Nations will no doubt be rallying to take a stand. It is as insane to clearcut this small island as it is to strip mine Catface, right across the Tofino harbour - another project on the books.

Sigh. I get feeling pretty hopeless sometimes. But! I copied the info below from Joe Foy at the Wilderness Committee. I have sent my letter. If you feel moved to, you can send a letter as well.

"We have recently learned that there is a plan to log a pristine old growth valley on Flores Island in the heart of Clayoquot Sound. The company has marked out its planned cutting areas and is preparing right now to obtain logging road and cutting permits from the Provincial Government.

It would be such heartbreak to lose this jewel - but if we act NOW we can stop this shortsighted logging plan. Your letter will make a difference. Write the Minister of Natural Resource Operations, Steve Thomson now and let him know how strongly you feel that no road or cut permits be issued for Flores Island or any other intact areas in Clayoquot Sound's globally rare, ancient temperate rainforest.

Click here to send your letter:

Your letter will be CCed to the Minister of Forests, Mines and Lands, Pat Bell and the President & CEO of the Integrated Land Management Bureau, Steve Carr."


  1. The people with the money, and hence, the power, don't give a damn about anything except short term greed. They didn't become corporate honchos by having sensitive natures. I am never surprised when these things happen....only when they don't. I have unending faith in the staggering blinkered stupidity of the people who run the world.

  2. it is truly sad, sherry. we can only hope that the awareness on conservation of our environment spreads wide.

    thanks for stopping by at my blog. i'm so sorry if i have not been a good blog friend lately. i hardly have time to open my blog. my schedule is terrible... toxic, in fact. i have no reason to complain though. more work means more blessings, right?

    happy tuesday, sherry! {{{hugsss}}}

  3. I agree it is all about greed and the almighty $. Sad! I mean we see the educated run our world on all levels, but I think the ordinary man could do a better job~


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