Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Critters

This is my sister's cat, Graham. Last night I took the antlers across the street and we had a hilarious time trying to get a picture that didn't have some human's head, or arm or rear end in some part of it.
Lori finally managed these four photos, of her animals.

Here's bad little Blakey, who figured out pretty quickly what we were trying to accomplish.
He is the youngest of our crew - we added him when the goldens were three, because I guess we figured the posse wasn't  complete. He has been a handful, but is very smart and pretty cute.

Here is Lukey, (Jasmine's brother) who has been a Buddha-dog from puppyhood,
the sweetest, most mellow dog ever.

Noella, who was a Christmas puppy eleven years ago.

All carrying on the Family Legacy
of antlers and Santa hats for the critters at Christmas.
They're very patient with us~as long as the treats keep coming!

This dates back to when my grandma would dress her cat, Big Boy, up in baby clothes,
to his acute displeasure, and to the sound of her chortling.

Here is my teensy living room, which soon is going to have a dozen
people and a ridiculous number of dogs in it:)
Should be lots of cackling. And, probably, growling!

Jasmine is on an extra month of restricted activity.
She had complications after her surgery and, instead of
slowly increasing her outings, she is confined to extra bed-rest,
onlyallowed out on-leash to pee.

She can't figure out why all the fun stopped happening,
and is extremely bored.

My boy, Pup, when he was younger and handsomer. He is fourteen now,
and this will be his last Christmas.
I will try to take some photos of him in front of the tree tomorrow.
But no hats or antlers for him.
I will respect his dignity in his old age:)


  1. Awwww....

    That is so cute. And a little sad. I'm so sorry to hear that Jasmine had complications. And Pup! Is he sick? Why is this his last Christmas?

    I chuckled at your grandmother dressing up her cat. if I were to try that with one of my cats, I would no doubt find cat poop in my shoe the next morning.

  2. So sweet Sherry. I loved the pictures.

  3. A very sweet family!

  4. Thanks for sharing; I love your furry family~ They are all good sports! Sorry Jasmine is down for now~ I wondered too about Pup's last Christmas...

  5. Pup is fourteen and has been failing for some time. His hind end is barely there and collapses easily, then he falls to the floor. Other health problems as well, given his advancedage, fourteen is a long time for a dog his size. I have known this time is coming and have been grieving it for sometime, as I cant imaginebeing without my boy. I have to think of it as setting him free to run once more in the wild places he loves, wolf-pup that he is. The vet gave him some medicine to make it through Christmas, but a hard day is coming in the new year. Very sad.Jas's knee is not knitting the way the vet would like. But she will be okay and is happy (just bored with inactivity). Just takes time for her to regain her mobility.


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