Thursday, December 2, 2010

Puppies With Antlers

In the spirit of the season here are some photos from a few years back, when Lukey and Jasmine were happy, wriggly, irrepressible puppies and I thought it would be a wonderful idea for a Christmas card to put antlers on them. It was a two-sister project. This is the money shot:) Lukey in red, Jas in blue.

And this is what it took to GET the money shot!

Hee hee! Patience and lots of treats - it was exactly like trying to get a shot where ALL the children have their heads turned towards the camera and arent braining each other.
But exactly!

Master Lukey

Ms. Jasmine ~
always a sassy gal!

Now the following is really sad - Pup's dignity - his wolfish sensibilities - were so deeply offended - he gave me such a look of betrayal and deep embarrassment, that I never did this again. In his later years, he never again sported antlers.

I now so regret embarrassing him like this.
Poor old boy.
(But you'll note I can't resist sharing the photo!
And there likely will be More!)


  1. Those are cuties! Love the pictures.

  2. Wonderful photos, great memories, Sherry.

  3. Christmas is always a lively time at our house - this year we will be twelve at table and seven - SEVEN!- dogs. Yoiks!

  4. OMG, so so so cute - love all the 'not' money shots!



  5. This put a big grin on my face, Sherry...too cute! And Pup's face says it all - Seriously, Mom?!?

    Don't know what Meeghan would think if I put antlers on her..she'd probably just look at me in adoration as always. Aren't we lucky to have furry friends!

  6. Also wondering how Jasmine is doing. All recovered?


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