Sunday, December 12, 2010


My driveway.

Okay. Just kidding! Got the image from

Just a reminder that things could be worse, hee hee. (Only in Canada, eh?)

Last night my daughter, sister, sister's boyfriend and I attended a terrific Canadian band at our small local theatre. The Stellar Band of Neighbours, so named because all the musicians live in the same neighbourhood, rocked the place. All very stellar musicians, indeed. I love musicians, so alternative, so outside the box, living their passion. What a great life, playing music, jamming, performing to thunderous aplause. Also likely living on the financial edge. But worth it to do what you love, and have joy. Lots of us live there, anyway, they have lots of company:)

My dad was a musician and my entire being is filled with music that has no outlet because I never learned to play an instrument. But I am like a tuning fork in the presence of music.
I vibrate, and my being plays along with those on stage.

Last night this group was so good even our staid usually reserved Port Alberni audience was on their feet and groovin' to the beat. It was wonderful.


In late January a string trio will play. Lisa and I must go!

This morning I am moving slowly, reminiscently. k.d.lang is on the stereo and after my morning tea I will tidy the living room and take a photo or two to show you how cute my living room is with my little tree. I may wrap some prezzies.....for that, I have to put John Lennon on, because every year he assists me with wrapping the Christmas gifts. I so love John.

Egads! Methinks the rain has stopped. The sky has lightened. My gray-sky lethargy is lifting off.
Thank heavens!


  1. It was nice to go out last night :) I've been wanting to learn how to play the guitar for the last two years. Couldn't seem to find my 'strum-beat'.'s never too late :D (apparently)

  2. K.D.Lang is a lesbian, you know. They all worship the devil and eat babies.

  3. I am glad that is not your car.... that happened to me one year here in Portland, we had an ice storm come down through the gorge and I was stuck and had to get home it took me hours to scrap off the ice, and driving was actually easy only a few of us on the road and we were going slow.
    Brrr is right,

    warm wishes,

  4. Love Christmas traditions...and most aspects of Christmas too.
    Sounds like a great band - time for some guitar.

  5. I know the feeling of an unrealized talent. Somewhere deep within me twirls a dancer who can't get out. I see Chorus Line and, like Mike, think, "I can do that." (sigh) So I settle for being the best chair-dancer ever to dream of taking to the boards.

    If you could play an instrument, which one would it be?


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