Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Creatures

Some photos from Jon and Zenny down in the Okanagan. This is the Summerland area, outside Penticton. It is quite pretty, a small community along the lake. Look closely - see the small deer's head through the branches? She's lying down and not at all bothered by two humans crunching through the snow.

She is harder to see in this shot, partially covered by branches. Now she's standing and looking. So pretty.

A frozen vista.

I'm not sure if these are wild horses, or why they are wandering around loose.
Immediately, I start wanting to send bales of hay and some oats!

However, I've never seen wild horses this well-fed,

and certainly never this friendly! She's right
at the back of the car. Likely looking for a snack.
I hope they had apples - she hopes so too!

The herd awaits. I hope they are following a trail back to their barn. Last winter
a herd of horses were discovered in southern B.C. trapped in a snowy
area where they could not make their way out. They were starving. People from all over
went to the area and dug them a trench so they could travel out. Then they were taken to rescue places, fed and cared for and, ultimately, sent to adoptive homes.
Apparently the owner had turned them loose in an area where they had no food and no way to get out through the packed snow. Grrr.

However, as far as I know, no animals were injured during this photo shoot :)

Zenny, looking very cold. Okanagan winters are freezing.
I remember.

Jon, off trekking.

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