Sunday, December 19, 2010

For Shaista

[Shaista is my amazing friend at Lupus In Flight  (  The above is her self-portrait as found on her site. I totally stole it. She responded to my Talmud Angel poem by saying sometimes she writes about her daily reality, but she would rather be a Talmud angel all the time. I replied that I love it when she writes about the real stuff, then we know when to send her our whispers of encouragement. I find her a Talmud angel at all times, anyway. She has a most radiant and inspirational spirit. This one is for you, Shaista!]

we are the Talmud angel
and sometimes
we are the blade of grass,
needing the whispers
of others.

we are heavy-laden,
and sometimes
we're heaped
and running over
with gifts to bestow
upon others.

we are our own True North,
and sometimes we need
a little help to find our way.

The earth, our lives,
our cosmic journeys ~
all are circles.
We step in
and step out again
at varying turns
of the karmic wheel.

we are our bodies,
our etheric bodies
connecting us
to higher realms,
of which we are
not always aware.
The veils part;
and we catch
hidden glimpses.

On our journeys,
we somehow
find each other.
I will be your Talmud angel
when you need one.
And,  times when you
may feel alone,

Just Breathe,
upon your own blade of grass
and urge it:


  1. Somehow the French word - Etonnante came to my mind while reading your entry..
    You sure have your way with words.. Sherry

  2. Lovely. Strong ring of truth in the words. We are all a part of this cosmos, just a part but a part nevertheless. We are isolated yet alone. Even when we think we are alone, someone is always with us.
    I love the message that the poem conveys.

  3. Beautiful Sherry! Thankyou so much for working up a piece of magic for me. Mum, Dad and I read the piece together the night before I was supposed to go in for treatment. I was going to carry the poem with me. And then.. I didn't go in. And I don't know if that's a good or bad thing... I shall have to wait and see, and listen to the angels around me.

  4. We all need a Talmud angel every now and then and thankfully we can be that for each other. Shaista, we shall take it one day at a time, and trust all will be well for you. You have such a devoted Mum and Dad. Your family sounds truly lovely.

  5. How did I miss this the first go 'round? I do not know, but am thrilled to have read it this morning. I, too, am impressed by Shaista's uplifting of others. Like you, she blesses the universe with verse and tale.

  6. Very sweet and revealing of the humanistic flaws we have, yet, May not notice. Others who are sincere are there to pick us up and help lead the way. Wonderful write!

  7. So uplifting and meaningful ~ Love the sharing and filling each other with love and support ~ Happy day to you ~

  8. You're something young lady, an angel for many...

  9. Wow, Amazing poem! I will reread and savor. Shaista is blessed with a good spirit and a good friend!


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