Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautiful Beyond Words

[photo by Gregory Colbert]

Kids, this morning my friend Ninotaziz over at
sent me a link to the most beautiful art work I have ever seen in my life, Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow, a series of film clips of dancers dancing with elephants, with a manatee and with leopards.

The visions are mesmerizing and literally stop your breath, with what is possible in this world. I had not heard of Gregory Colbert until now, and then suddenly I have come across him a few times. He was born in Toronto in 1960. Ashes and Snow is his exploration of the relationship possible between man and animals. It is breathtaking.

This morning's gift is beyond words - so much beauty, the senses are overwhelmed. I was left feeling filled with beauty and light. There is hope for mankind after all, when we can create so much beauty in place of all the darkness. The beasts know, with their ancient wisdom. They know how to live to the rhythm of the pulse of the Earth Mother. They are waiting for us to join them there, in harmony.

The dance with the elephants made me think of a beautiful little book that made me weep: Elephant Winter by Kim Echlon, about a young pregnant woman who winters in a barn with a herd of elephants, and comes to understand the sounds they make to communicate with each other.

It made me think of the man on the east coast of Vancouver Island, who immerses himself in the ocean and plays a home-made musical instrument that echoes over miles. When he plays, the orcas come, and they sometimes "jam" with him, repeating and even creating riffs on the notes he plays.

I thought of Luna, the orca who befriended the people of Telegraph Cove, up-Island, who visited with folks at the docks. And who died when she was slashed by the blades of a boat motor who must not have seen her in the bay.

If you click on this link, I promise you heart-stopping beauty and inspiration. What a gift this artist has given the world.

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  1. Sherry
    You are right that video takes your breathe away. It was one of the most beautiful exchanges I have ever seen in my life. Were they wild elephants? I am going to change my column idea for next month to focus on his work and all of us animals. I can't wait to show Willow this video in the morning. Thank you Sherry for sharing this and ninotaziz. :) <3


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