Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Word from Rumi

[image from houstonnuevavida.org]


Learn the alchemy true human beings know.
The moment you accept what troubles
you've been given, the door will open.

Welcome difficulty, as a familiar comrade.
Joke with torment brought by the Friend.

Sorrows are the rags of old clothes
and jackets that serve to cover
and then are taken off.

That undressing,
and the naked body underneath,
is the sweetness that comes after grief.



  1. You have taken great 'word'
    from an equally great man..

  2. I don't think I'm serene enough to welcome difficulty at the moment. But good for Rumi.

  3. This is lovely, Sherry. Hard to believe, but I hadn't read it before. I love the notion of sorrow as ragged clothing we can eventually discard to reveal our own sweet selves...:)

  4. Rumi lived the true life of a poet - following his heart despite mainstreams. It was much more difficult then, as punishment meant your life and life's work. Which is exactly why - poets of old were simply geniuses.

    It was risky business and the adrenaline rush must have been earth shattering. Empowering. Exquisite.

    Like Rumi's words.

    Thanks Sherry.

  5. Lovely poem, especially the way you've described sorrow as being the result of what had happened before.
    "Sorrows are the rags of old clothes
    and jackets that serve to cover
    and then are taken off"
    It's a lovely bit from your poem.
    We are beautiful as we are and if we try to embellish ourselves too much, we'll only be trapped into sorrow by those unnecessary ornaments.
    I also like your poem for its simplicity.

  6. Oh my! I cant take any credit for this brilliance at all. The poem is Rumi's, madhumakhi. But I am happy you enjoyed it. I so love Rumi, Hafiz and Mary Oliver.

  7. Thank you so much, I can so relate to this poem! I haven't read enough of Rumi, but I sure want to now!


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