Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Wind

[My sister Lori with Noella, (who was a Christmas puppy 11 years ago),
Lukey and Jasmine, who are brother and sister, now five years old.]

The winter wind
puffs its cheeks
and blows
cold blasts
across the valley;
leaves and clouds
go skittering in its path.
The sky darkens;
chilly dogs come in
at last
brightly sparkling
through the darkening gloom,
the red and blue lights
of Christmas Past
and Present
shine their cheer
into my
each and every room.

My sister puts
a tiny tree
within the corner.
I'll wrap
some gifts
to go below.
All it takes
are lights,
a tree,
to make a Christmas.
The only thing
still on its way
is snow.

The dogs are snoozing
by the makeshift fire.
The kids will
all be here
this year
with me.
Pup perks his ears
when I say
"the kids
are coming!"
-the last Christmas
my boy will ever see.
Fourteen Christmases
to reach
the very last one,
so hard to finally
set my wolf-pup free.

I take the sadness
with the joy,
for that's the program;
the two sides of the coin
together come.
Our hearts wax
fuller than the moon
with tears and laughter.
The years fly fast;
Tomorrow comes
too soon.



  1. Tomorrow comes but a day too soon... happy you'll have all your family around, such a loved dog!! Lucky both of you x

  2. Yes, he's my boy. Have never loved a dog so much, he companioned me through my glorious years living along the wild beaches of Tofino, he shares my wild wilderness soul. In a way, I will be truly setting him free. His spirit has been fettered since we left the wildnerness. As has mine.

  3. Your dog is a treasured family member; as is mine~ I hope you both enJOY this season and make fond memories! I love the line: Our hearts
    wax fuller than the moon, really beautiful and sad~xXx

  4. Tomorrow always comes too soon when the present is so good. Enjoy your last Christmas with Pup, in love and gladness.

  5. (((((pup+gramma-by-the-whales)))))

  6. You just made me cry, reminding me of my old dog Harvey, gone for a few years now but who shared the magical times and places in my life too.

    Love to you both. x

  7. Fine pictures of your fine doggies, m'dear. :-)

    Pup sounds like he is to you as my Sundance was to me. We love them all, but certain ones are even more special. Bosco is that way, too.

  8. Ah makes me nostalgic -- lovely photo's, and lovely verse,



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