Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Magic

My youngest, Stephanie, lives in a beautiful location called Brentwood Bay, on the outskirts of Victoria, on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. She is a short walk from the ocean
and there are wonderful trails between her house and the water,
through a provincial park.

All of these photos were taken by Stephanie.

I am so anticipating my next visit, so I can wander these trails
and commune with the trees. In the New Year,
that visit is on my To Do list.

Gloriously beautiful.

One just wants to walk and walk, and not turn back.

This is the Bay, where the mariners keep their boats,
and wait for more suitable weather.

Some ice on the water, unusual for our usually mild climate.

This is Little Man Chase, Steph's beloved boy.

And here is Sanchez, who is also dearly loved. If my daughter lived on acreage,
she would be a dog rescuer and likely would have fifty dogs:)
In the city, she has to stop at two.

This is the beautiful view from her living room window. Wow.

Stephanie and Gord,
the man who is making her so happy,
which does her mother's heart good:)
(Not sure how they took this photo.)


  1. smiles. wonderful pics...looks like the pups were having fun in teh snow...

  2. Beautiful photos Sherry, remember all the signs for Brentwood from being on the island so many times...a blessed place indeed...bkm

  3. Wonderful post; Your daughter n' hubby are a special couple! She is pretty~ The dogs look like they are having so much fun! I can see why you are anxious to go visit her; it is breathtakingly beautiful!


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