Thursday, December 2, 2010

When the Going Gets Weird

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[posted for Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Weird]

When the going gets weird,
the weird turn pro,
my Sis told me,
with pride
and sisterhood,
my excellence
at weirdness.
Weird has always
felt familiar.
Weird comes with
its own
built-in laughter.
Weird makes
the ordinary
stretch its wings
and try a little harder.
Weird puts a shine on
and does a little tap-dance
just to entertain you.
Weird turns a world of
Somebody Specials
with their
totally unbelievable
If Weird could speak,
it would tell you:
Come sit by me,
and let me tell you
a few good tales.


  1. Weird is good, and as for foxes - they are problematic at times...they hunt my pugs.

  2. Aye-aye!

    (No, I'm not confirming the captain's order... that's what that weird little critter is called!)

    What is weird one day becomes ordinary the next.

    (Except for people; they tend to stay weird)

  3. Ooops, I think that photo might be of one of the missing in action poets on my blog, lol. Like your take on the prompt and I whole heartedly agree. Weirdness has its own deep purposes.


  4. Wierd it good, it stirs the pot and makes life interesting and Tim Burton...yes, weird is good...bkm

  5. 'Weird puts a shine on and does a little tap-dance'.... I like that. Normalcy hasn't got a chance.

  6. Weird is perfect and normal is boring. You did well to capture this Sherry. That thing is ugly cute lol. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What an adorably ugly little creature - I've no idea what it is but I want one!
    Weird is just another word for original :)

  8. It's great to see we're all in agreement that weird is I know I'm part of the right crowd! I love the line 'weird makes the ordinary stretch its wings and try a little harder'...that's been my philosophy for years.

    Great poem, Sherry, and the little Aye-aye is adorable..I got to hand-feed a lemur once, which was awesome...:)

  9. Love the photo and the poem, both with their special weirdnesses. The world needs weird.

  10. Weird always makes for something original.

  11. Sherry,
    What a delightful poem and written especially for all us weird ones :)
    btw what is the name of that little creature? I remember reading about it somewhere.

  12. Ohhh, weird is lovely, weird could be what fed the snicker to grow into a wicked cackle! xx

  13. Now that is a weird looking creature, Sherry. :-) Sure is cute though.

    Nice writing. :-)

  14. I do think we are all weird in our own way! And I think, Sherry, we could all sit around over coffee and tell weird tales.

  15. I love the line "weird is what fed the snicker to grow into a cackle" - worthy of a poem itself! I believe it is a lemur but am not sure - either that or an extraterrestrial:)

  16. A world without weirdness would be ... weird.

  17. cute weirdness..
    the image sets one in mood instantly.
    way to go,
    Happy Friday!

  18. That's the best weirdest poem ever! I love "weird comes from weird." Really wonderfully weird!

  19. Sherry,
    A delight to read. I loved this poem from beginning to end. I especially liked the sympathetic thoughts that turn,'anybodies, into somebody specials'.
    Wonderfully written and full of weirdness.....

    Best wishes, Eileen

  20. Weird turns weirdo pictures into wonders. Are there still many of them around? Excellent piece.

  21. I like this a lot Sherrie. It fits my conception of weird as well. This reads very well too.

  22. This is a beautifully worded weird poem, Sherry. It makes me smile.

  23. It's a nice, well worded poem. I like the weirdness of it. you have described the word 'weird' wonderfully.


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