Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Slightly Haunted

It was 3:20 a.m. I had been reading and had fallen back into a deep sleep. In my dream, there were old people with haunted eyes and limited faculties walking around. Geez, I thought, I hope this isn't Death!

Then I became aware that my bed was haunted. It was vibrating and the blankets were being riffled. Horrified, I was trying to tell my sister in my dream what was happening, but no words would come out. Both horror and haunting intensified. There was a lot of "whuffing" going on, and movement. The blankets took sail a foot above me. like Aladdin's carpet.


I jolted awake to find Jasmine jumping against the side of my bed and pawing at the blankets, to tell me she wanted Out. Immediately. Pup was pacing up and down the hall, whuffing importantly.

Argh! Stumbling half-asleep along the side of the road in the dark, being dragged by one, then the other dog, I wasn't sure what felt worse, dream or waking. :)


  1. This is why after my last dog passed, I got a cat.

  2. There is nothing like being jostled out of one's sleep. I think your dogs did you a favor, that dream didn't sound so good~ I hope when you went back to the land of Nod it was pleasant~

  3. Those are the times I like to remind myself what a small price it is to pay for their companionship. And, it isn't as if they can turn the knob themselves. They know they are supposed to get us up rather than go in the house, so they are doing what they should. Good doggies!

  4. What a dream! I wonder how it would have ended if not for the pets - but of course, they may have been the ones who started it in the first place... 3:20 am??

  5. Too funny, Sherry! Sounds like a good dream to have had interrupted, though a walk in the pre-dawn chill is not a great alternative...LOL!


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